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GST applies. Slingshot standard terms and conditions apply. Full terms available at slingshot. Two months' free broadband applies to your base broadband price only. Slingshot love all the good things you love — like brilliant broadband, decent prices and amazing, good, old-fashioned service.

ADSL modems are free and yours to keep! VDSL customers receive a free rental modem - nice. VDSL Need fast broadband but can't get fibre? Go VDSL. Expect download between 15 and 50 Mbps and uploads between 5 and 10 Mbps. Check out our great new mobile plans and get all the info you need at www. Please allow five to ten working days to get up and running on copper connections. We'll try and do it faster than that if we can! Installation is usually free of charge. In some cases we will need to carry out some work on the wiring in your house to complete your installation, and this carries an additional charge.

We will always notify you first for your approval before anything is carried out. If you are in the same area, sure! Otherwise we'll give you a range of new numbers to choose from. On 24 Oct , Slingshot will be activating your new 'Better Network' services at your place. Two people both on the North Shore in Auckland have currently told me that no-one is picking up the landline at my house. But when they call from their landline , there is a dial tone Also, they do not have VoIP or any of those fancy options..

I am a Slingshot customer as you can probably see the forum title. I do not have "call blocking" on, nor do I have "Reject anonymous calls" feature on. One person is on Vodafone, whereas the other person is on Telecom. They have both before been able to get through, but not anymore.

Any suggestions please? Other people are still getting through fine as of now.. I have called Slingshot Customer Care and they tried calling my landline from all the available networks in New Zealand and it works fine.. Not sure why my two people can't call through.. S I have heard that some Telstra Clear customers have not been able to call some landlines successfully, but they are not Telstra Clear customers.

Slingshot Broadband Plans Review

I have been experiencing Internet drops whenever I receive or make phone calls from the land line. Simply put, the ADSL and Internet lights on the modem goes out and takes some time to start up again or I have to do a hard reset of the modem. This isn't the first time I have experienced this. I have raised this with Slingshot customer service as well. At first I thought it could be the phone, it was quite old 6 years so I went and bought a new cordless phone set cordless system with 2 extra head sets.

It didn't solve the problem. The new modem also came with a new ADSL filter, so connected that up for the cordless landline. I have recently moved into this new house since June. The previous owners installed a master splitter so there is only one ADSL jack point and there are 2 phone jack points and the phone is connected to one of them. There is nothing connected to the 2nd phone jack. I have also previously have had numerous drops of my Internet connection. I initially thought that the wiring in the house could have been causing it bad master splitter maybe?

Slingshot (ISP)

But since I put the new filter for the phone, the number of internet drops have certainly decreased, but there are still enough to annoy one. I have called up Slingshot a number of times and have reported this as well. Has anyone else using Slingshot experienced this issue where their Internet connection drops out when they receive a phone call on their landline or make a call? Any ideas what could be causing such an issue? HiI appear to be getting slow international traffic much to the annoyance of the other members of the household! No complains there. In many cases the upload is much better than download.

Latest speedtest. Am I asking for too much? After this few days, I experience that in the morning and afternoon the game has - 3XX ping which still playable. But when it pass 6pm, the ping can go up to 8XX and it just disconnect the server. This is probably a pretty grey area, and probably something ISPs normally wouldn't have to deal with, other than customers ringing up complaining about why their data usage is through the roof when they haven't been doing anything.

Anyhow to my story So I've just hit my gb cap. Something that normally never happens unless I'm a few days away from the end of the month and I know I've got data to burn to download stuff.

Even then I'd be lucky to reach it. I'm currently 20 days into my broadband month, and I've also done no major downloads that I can really think of. If I'm being very generous, I've probably done 50gb. Somewhat freaked out thinking what on earth is going on in my network.

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I've spent most of this afternoon trying to pin point what was going on. I eventually ironed out it wasn't any devices within my network initiating anything so I started to look on my firewall for clues. I did a TCPDump basically a wireshark capture for those who don't know what that is and could see a lot of what looks like DNS requests. As I started to analyse it more, I came across some very interesting packets. Example: That's crazy! Slingshot didn't slow me down for probably 20 hours after I hit my gb.

Back to that packet from before. A quick google on "isc.

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So to my point, what are users suppose to do in this situation? Do ISPs have any role in it? The only solution for me that I can think of, is to disconnect my modem over night and hope I get a new dynamic IP.

I tried 30 min, but I'm still stuck with the same one. It would only stop upload. I could be wrong, but the next user to pick up my dynamic IP will encounter the same problem, which is why I'm unsure of what should be done in this position. Thanks, Matt. I was working away today and suddenly I'm redirected to a Overdue Account Page by slingshot. Ok so firstly yes the account was overdue by slingshot requirements. But I cant quiteput my finger on what upsets me about it I mean It just doesnt feel right. I mean we all know that like the Power and the internet they are the two bills we have to pay as they have the power to turn you off.

I dont know it not very tasteful!! LOL They wouldnt bedoing it if there was competition thats for sureOh well.

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Geekzone forums: Slingshot and CallPlus

Hi Guys, I hope I'm posting this in the right place? Anyway I bought a brand new Netcomm NB16WV about 2 months ago for the new flat cos we have the unlimited naked broadband plan with slingshot. I did all the setting up of the internet and Voip all fine and from initial testing of the voip, calling out and receiving calls all seemed to work no problem.